Business Advising

Advising services

When you meet with one of our advisors, he or she will discuss how NH SBDC can help you. Together we can work to develop your business goals and make a plan for meeting them. We will help review your progress and follow-up down the road.

The advising process is different depending upon if you are starting a brand new business or if you are already in business, and how much planning you’ve already done. We will provide timely information, links to resources and act as a sounding board for your questions and concerns. The responsibility for implementing our suggestions, such as writing a business plan, will rest with you.

At the start of the advising process, you will need to fill out a “request for counseling" form. Along the way, you’ll be asked to take surveys to provide additional information to us that we will use to evaluate our services and document the impact of small businesses on New Hampshire’s economy. The entire process is confidential. We will work with you to modify goals and develop new ones as your business grows.