Business Sustainability Program Office

The NH SBDC Business Sustainability Program provides one-on-one confidential business advising in the areas of environmental management, energy efficiency assessment and funding, employee safety, and other issues that impact the sustainability of a business.  The goal of the BSP is to help the business owner adopt best management practices to reduce operational risk, increase profitability and therefore, enhance the value of her or his company.  

Engagement with the NH SBDC Business Sustainability Program often begins with a site visit to determine which areas of interest need focus, such as: waste management practices, air emissions assessment, material storage, workplace safety programs, resiliency and preparedness, energy efficiency and its associated ROI, green chemistry purchasing and other industry-tailored initiatives that support sustainability. 

The NH SBDC works with a network of partners that can provide businesses additional assistance and resources to meet their goals.  

Becoming a sustainable business is a process involving a number of activities and the NH SBDC BSP can help the business owner chart a course to foster  progress. We provide long term assistance to our clients who want to pursue continuous improvements to better their bottom line.

Communities Served

UNH Manchester
Manchester, NH
Director, Business Sustainability Program & Business Advisor