Small business financing topics


Below are some organizations here in NH that you may find useful for information, resources, and events related to small business finance.

Live Free and Start: a joint initiative of the Governor’s Office, the Business Finance Authority and the Department of Resources and Economic Development aimed at creating jobs and making New Hampshire an even better place for innovative businesses to start, grow and succeed. 



NH Business Finance Authority: The Business Finance Authority (BFA) was created in 1992 to foster economic development and create employment in NH

NH Economic Development Groups: A directory of the economic development groups in the State of NH that provide loans to enable existing businesses to create and retain jobs in their communities, at

Northern Community Investment Corporation (NCIC): Strengthening Businesses, Communities and Employment Opportunities Across Northern New Hampshire and Northeastern Vermont. 

Capital Compass® is a tool that was designed to help you understanding the factors that affect what type of business loan or investment might best fit you and your business - debt, equity or royalty. Capital Compass® is not designed to make decisions for you. It was developed by the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund and its Vested for Growth program.